Bastien Guerry

Computers and freedom

Free software hacktivist

I participate to the free software/culture movement since 1998, when I discovered GNU/Linux and GNU Emacs.

© Félicie Guerry-Plaine 2022

© Félicie Guerry-Plaine 2022

I worked for One Laptop Per Child in 2008 and for Wikimédia France in 2010. Today I work at Etalab within where I'm responsible for the action plan for free software and digital commons.

I publish code on, GitHub and GitLab.

You can find some of my talks here.

Some projects I contributed to

Fund The Code! (since 2019), to boost donations to free software.

OLPC France from 2008 to 2018, to foster free software in education.

The French Pipe Organs Inventory in 2017 as an Public Interest Entrepreneur.

GNU Emacs workshops in Paris.

Org-mode for Emacs, since 2006, and a few other free software.

ShareLex from 2012 to 2018, to create legal contents under a free license.

Portfolio (< 2016)