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  • On using to-do lists efficiently

    My happiness results from keeping a sane balance between achievements and what Jim Carrey calls "freedom of concern"1. I like to work and I love to daydream. As much as daydreaming is about wandering, work and personal achievements are about focusing, which in turn requires motivation, clarity of purpose and control, all of them sustained by discipline. Very often, your to-do list becomes your enemy. Because it gives you a false sense of control, it slowly erodes your goals' clarity, which weakens your motivation.

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  • Org 9.4 is out. Can you help?

    (You can Discuss this post on Hacker News or on Org 9.4 is out. Enjoy! Most of the time, when you hear that a free software project is struggling, it is too late. E.g. both pdf-tools and helm don't have a maintainer since a few days: did you see this coming? Org is doing quite well, but I feel we are at a turning point: either we attract more contributors and we can afford to fix more bugs and deliver new releases, or we might get overwhelmed by user requests and lose both our energy and our motivation to continue.

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  • Notes from my presentation during the 2020/04 FLOSS OSOR webinar

    Thanks! The comparative work by the european Open Source Observatory is really important - not just the data but the way it brings us together. The french public sector context regarding FLOSS The 2016 law for a digital republic encourages the administration to use free software. This is not a formal priority like in Italy. The current doctrine is to use free software where it suits best (a "pragmatical" approach, as expressed by the head of DINUM.

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  • Org-mode features You May Not Know

    When I meet fellow orgers, I occasionally use some of the features below and quite often, my interlocutor does not know some of them. Do you know them all? If you think of a secret Org weapon that is not listed here, please send me an email, I will consider adding it to the list. The features listed below are all available with Org 9.3 and later.

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  • Open Source and the French Public Sector beyond 2020

    These are my personal opinions and do not constitute the official position of the french ministry of digital affairs on this topic. You can also download the PDF. Open Source and the French Public Sector in 2019 In 2019, as the free software officer at the french ministry of digital affairs (hereafter referenced as "DINUM" for "Direction du numérique"), I mainly focused on three tasks: releasing code.

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  • Donating to Free Software and Free Culture

    Perhaps many free software maintainers and contributors find it hard to ask for donations. Free software supporters can help by being more vocal about their donations, thus encouraging others to follow their example. So I encourage you to be more vocal about your donations. This is not about boasting on how nice you are, this is about convincing others to provide more support! Free software donations/memberships as of 2019-06-01 I'm a member of the Free Software Foundation: $120/year.

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  • The Software Maintainer's Pledge

    "All entities move and nothing remains still." – Heraclites, quoted by Plato I won't break your user experience. I won't remove features. I won't remove features by pretending to "upgrade" them. I won't break anything that lives in your muscle memory. I won't force you to update your configuration. I won't break your user experience, even in a nice way.

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  • Conventional wisdom for developers and entrepreneurs, explained in paintings

    "The usefulness of a notion pleads not for its clarity, but rather for the need to clarify it." – Nelson Goodman Be bold If it works, don't fix it Your product roadmap is a living document Ask for forgiveness, not permission Test/User-driven development They did not know it was impossible so they did it Do things that don't scale Do one thing and do it well Release early, release often

  • Notes from an Org-mode demonstration

    Thanks to the MediaLab Prado and Adolfo Antón Bravo for inviting me to make a small demonstration of org-mode. Below are my notes FWIW. GNU Emacs There use to be an editor war between Emacs and Vi(m). This is now history, Emacs won thanks to org-mode. Org-mode: key ideas You need a single tool for both notes and tasks. Your TODO list application should not be too rigid.

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  • Tutorial introduction to searching in Emacs

    Go to the main Info buffer with C-h i. Hit d to make sure you are at the top-level of the Info documentation, and go at the beginning of the buffer with M-<. Perform an incremental search for "lisp" with C-s lisp. Hit RET to deactivate the search and the highlighting of search matches. Hit C-r to search backwards. Now hit C-s C-s to search for the last search string again.

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