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Emacs Org's plain lists

Playing with lists in Org-mode

Org is great at handling plain lists - see the section about plain lists in the manual. This small screencast demonstrates a few things you can do with them. This is with GNU Emacs and Org 6.27trans.

Here is the list of features I demonstrate:

  • convert a plain list from itemize to numbered
  • re-order the items in this list
  • show how numbers are automagically updated
  • add a checkbox to some items of the list
  • add a [ ] cookie to the headline above and update it
  • replace the [ ] cookie with a [%] and update it
  • export the list contained in the region into HTML

The good news is that all these features are also available in other mode like message-mode, thanks to the orgstruct-mode minor mode (see the manual about orgstruct-mode.)

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