Playing with lists in Org-mode

Org is great at handling plain lists - see the section about plain lists in the manual. This small screencast demonstrates a few things you can do with them. This is with GNU Emacs and Org 6.27trans.

You can also download the .avi source file of this screencast.

Here is the list of features I demonstrate:

  • convert a plain list from itemize to numbered
  • re-order the items in this list
  • show how numbers are automagically updated
  • add a checkbox to some items of the list
  • add a [ ] cookie to the headline above and update it
  • replace the [ ] cookie with a [%] and update it
  • export the list contained in the region into HTML

The good news is that all these features are also available in other mode like message-mode, thanks to the orgstruct-mode minor mode (see the manual about orgstruct-mode.)